Messi triumphs over insolence as Paris Saint-Germain fans mock Neymar

    lift the masses Paris Saint Germainlocated in front of the American club “Inter Miami”, a banner with the inscription “Messi We finally got rid of the insolent,” referring to the departure of the former Parisian star Neymar.

    Neymar has moved into action crescentA few days ago, a historic deal cost the Saudi team’s treasury about 90 million euros.

    Paris Saint-Germain fans make fun of Neymar

    Please note that the relationship between NeymarAnd the Parisian fans are tense, as the Brazilian player has repeatedly confirmed in the press that he felt uncomfortable with the actions of the Parisian fans and wanted to leave before joining the ranks of Al-Hilal.

    Neymar da Silva - Paris Saint-Germain.
    Neymar da Silva

    And Neymar began to participate with Al-Hilal in training, in preparation for his first match in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and yesterday, on Saturday, he made his first appearance in training as a leader.

    It is noteworthy that in the match between the French national team and Lens yesterday, on Saturday, in the third round of the French League, which ended with the victory of the Parisian team, the score was three goals to one.

    Paris Saint-Germain fans raised a message attacking the Brazilian player, writing in it: “Finally we got rid of the shameless ones.”

    Paris Saint Germain
    Paris Saint Germain
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