Coach of Saint-Germain addresses racism allegations against Muslims and Blacks; Mbappe barred from speaking out

    Christophe Galtier, manager of Paris Saint-Germain, responded to his allegations of racism against Muslims and blacks when he was manager of the Nice football team.

    Galatia, through her lawyer Oliver Martin, in an official statement to Agence France-Presse, denied this accusation in the strongest possible terms.

    The French lawyer added in a statement that “Galtier was very surprised by the insult and slander against him by these words.”

    He also confirmed that the Paris Saint-Germain coach is in the process of filing a lawsuit regarding what has been said about him.

    And Radio Monte Carlo relayed the details of an email to former Nice sporting director Julien Fournier in which he complained to the club’s owners about his expenses.

    This email indicates that Galte was outraged by the large number of Muslim and black players on the team and that he asked Muslim players not to fast during the month of Ramadan.

    On the other hand, Paris Saint-Germain star Kylian Mbappe was not allowed to talk about the crisis, accusing his coach of racism towards blacks and Muslims.

    Mbappé was asked about the crisis while attending a charity event on Wednesday night, but the French star remained silent before the event’s media coordinator intervened.

    RMC network quotes Sports The media coordinator intervened: “No, this issue is prohibited. Please only talk about the stadium.”

    Source: “Wakalat”

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