Al-Ittihad Dominates the Perfect Lineup Before the Championship Round

    The Saudi Federation managed to win the Saudi Arabian Professional Football League Roshen after winning yesterday with three unanswered goals against Al-Faihaa in the twenty-ninth round of the Saudi League.

    The title returned to the Tigers after a 14-year absence, and the team won the title by 69 points, 5 points behind the runners-up victory, and the title was formally determined before the Saudi Professional final round. Roshen League competition, for the 9th time in the history of the club.

    Al-Ittihad controls the perfect formation for the twenty-ninth round

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    According to the Sofa Score statistical network, the ideal formation is as follows:

    Goalkeeper: Mishaal Haris, substitute goalkeeper.

    Defence: Ahmed Hegazi, Brigadier General player, Mohamed Salem, Pioneer player, Ahmed Sharahili, Brigadier General player.

    Midfield: Saud Abdel Hamid, Al-Hilal player, Sebastian Pedroza, Al-Bateen player, Faisal Fajr, Al-Wehda player, Romarinho, Al-Amid player.

    Offensive: Muhammad Al-Qahtani, Al-Hilal player, Leander Tawamba, Al-Taawun player, Igor Coronado, Al-Amid player.

    And there were 4 players from Al Ameed in a perfect lineup for round 29 and thus the Tigers dominated the perfect lineup for round twenty ninth while one player was present from Al Taawun, Al Wahda, Al Raed. and a duet from Al-Batin and Al-Hilal.

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