Al Hilal coach shares thoughts after victorious match against Al Raed in the Saudi Roshan League

    The Portuguese coach of the Al-Hilal team, Jorge Jesus, commented on the leader’s victory over his colleague Al-Raed with a four-goal advantage.

    The Crescent team met with their leading colleague as part of the third round of the Saudi Roshan League 2023-2024.

    Jesus spoke at a press conference after the meeting, saying: “It is very important that we were able to score many goals and did not concede a single goal.”

    Jorge Jesus
    Jorge Jesus

    He continued, “The team is evolving from game to game, and after the new additions, we have built a good team, especially at the front.”

    He stressed: “We were able to control the match and Al Raed’s low level helped us a lot in the second half.”

    Jesus makes harsh statements after Al-Hilal’s match against Al-Raed

    And he continued: “Mitrovic in the second half of the match reduced his physical level, which is normal, considering that he joined three days ago, in addition to the hot weather factor.”

    Jorge explained: “Mitrovic is the best fit for the team’s current method and for a future that will be even better.”


    And he emphasized: “Yassin Bunu is an outstanding player in the world, but this does not detract from my great confidence in goalkeeper Abdullah Al Mayuf.

    And he stated: “Savic plays in midfield and on the front axis, and Neves plays with Portugal in the center, and I know him well and I know his characteristics well, so I always involve him in the axis zone.”

    Trainer completed Boss: “The abundance of players in the center gives a more promising option in terms of rotation. Football is not played by one team. There is no victory except with a competitor, and the pioneer had only one chance, despite his technicality.” value.”

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