Zamalek to Take on Cristiano Ronaldo in Arab Championship

    The draw for the King Salman Cup Arab Championship, which is hosted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is under way and the schedule of matches is scheduled to be drawn up at the end of this month.

    The representative of Egypt, club Zamalek, champion of the local league, participated last season accompanied by the Vanguards of the Army team, which finished fourth in the rankings at the end of the 2021/2022 season.


    According to the results of the draw, the teams that will meet each other in the first round competitions as part of the Arab Championship events were determined, and they are as follows:

    Tunisian Sfaxien – Qatar Qatar.
    The Lebanese Tower is a subdivision of the Emirates.
    Bahraini Drive – Omani Seeb.
    Jordan Youth – Moorish Nouadhibou.
    Royal Army – Libyan Union.
    Sudanese Mars – Syrian October.
    Sudanese crescent – Bahraini Manama.
    Fachmane – Union of Monastir.
    Shabibat Al-Saura – against Kuwait Al-Kuwait.

    Zamalek to face Cristiano Ronaldo at the Arab Championship

    While the result of the draw was that the Zamalek club lost to their counterpart, the Saudi Al-Nasr team, led by the Portuguese star. Cristiano RonaldoTogether, in the third group of the group stage, which came out as follows:

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    First group: Esperance de Tunis – Saudi Federation – Iraqi Police Club – third qualifier from the first round.

    Group B: Moroccan Vidad – Saudi Al-Hilal – Qatari Al-Sadd – fourth in the first round.

    Third group: Zamalek – Al-Nasr Al-Saudi – second qualifier from the first round – fifth qualifier from the first round.

    Group D: Moroccan Raja – Algerian Belouizdad Youth – first qualification from round one – sixth qualification from round one.

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