Zamalek Coach Mocks Saudi Arabia’s Triumph with Controversial Statement

    Colombian coach Carlos Osorio, coach of the Zamalek club, commented on his team’s draw with the victory of Saudi Arabia in the third and final round of the group stage of the Arab Championship.

    A positive draw settled Zamalek’s fight with Al-Nasr, so that Al-Alamy advanced to the quarter-finals to face the Moroccan Rajah.

    Saudi victory
    Saudi victory

    Al-Nasr’s match against Al-Rajah is scheduled to take place next Sunday at 6pm Egyptian and Saudi Arabian time.

    With this statement, the Zamalek coach ridicules the victory of Saudi Arabia.

    Osorio said at a press conference after the match: “Today we were able to stop the danger of all the players of the Al-Nasr club, and the Saudi team did not threaten Zamalek’s goal throughout the confrontation.”

    And he continued: “We had a great match against Al Nasr, which includes international stars, and we are proud of the performance of the players today.”

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    And he continued: “Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri played well in the first half and was able to stop the danger of Marcelo Brozovic.”

    He concluded his speech by saying, “In the second half, I put in Sayyed Abdullah Neymar to help Hamza al-Matlouti to stop the danger of Sadio Mane.”

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