Xavi’s Persuasive Argument for Including Bernardo Silva in the Team

    Spanish coach insists Javi Hernandez On the signing of Bernardo Silva, a player Manchester to become one of Barcelona’s summer offerings.

    And it is in line with the Spanish manager’s vision to capitalize on the skills and experience of the City star as he is the missing link that can bring the needed balance within the club’s ranks. Barcelona.

    The reason why Xavi insisted on the inclusion of Bernardo Silva

    Press reports have indicated that Barcelona coach Xavi has insisted on the importance of including Bernardo Silva in the squad during the current transfer period, especially after the departure of French player Ousmane Dembele to Paris Saint-Germain.

    Javi Hernandez
    Javi Hernandez

    Silva is a talented and outstanding winger with great individual skills and ability to create play and score goals.

    Hernandez believes Silva’s move to Barcelona will have a big impact on the team, improve their attacking ability and help achieve the desired success next season.

    New offer from Manchester City for Silva’s survival

    Press reports have confirmed that Bernardo Silva is closer to a contract extension with Manchester City than leaving this summer.

    This was reported by an Italian journalist.Fabrizio RomanoThat Manchester City are preparing to offer a new contract to Bernard Silva to renew and continue to wear the English club’s jersey for the upcoming period.

    Romano added that City have no intention of selling Silva to any other country unless the player insists on it and Barcelona can agree to the terms of the English club to conclude a contract with him.

    Bernardo Silva
    Bernardo Silva

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