Xavi shocked Real Madrid after Barcelona lost to Almeria!

    Javi Hernandez, FC Barcelona coach, commented on the competition between him and Real Madrid for the La Liga title, especially after the stumbling blocks the two teams faced on their way to the title.

    Barcelona suffered a heavy defeat from Almeria with an unanswered goal in a meeting that took place at the Mediterranean Games Stadium.

    And the match of the first league ended in the first match with the victory of the Catalan club with a score of 2:0.

    La Liga standings after the defeat of Barcelona and a draw with Real Madrid

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    After today’s defeat, Barcelona’s balance sheet is at the top of the Spanish league at 59 points and Merengue is in second place with 52 points, reducing the difference between them to 7 points.

    Xavi shocked Real Madrid after Barcelona lost to Almeria!


    Xavi confirmed during his speech today after the meeting with Almeria that it will be very difficult to crown La Liga this season.

    The Spanish coach pointed out that the competition is difficult due to the competition of the Catalan club, his rivals Al Merengue, who are the holders of the La Liga title and champions of the Champions League last season.

    In a statement after the meeting, he said: “We will rise, but: we will not win the league in comfortable conditions, no one thinks about it! We compete with Real Madrid, the owner of the championship and league titles.

    He added: “I am a responsible person, I have nothing to do but self-criticism, we were not able to win in front of the intensity of Almería.

    And he concluded: “If we want to reach the league and the cup, we have to change our mentality and improve a lot. In the first half, we lacked passion.”

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