Xavi explains Barcelona’s draw against Real Mallorca

    Javi Hernandez, coach of Spanish club Barcelona’s first team, said the team was very good in attack against Real Mallorca but needed more efficiency.

    Barça is preparing to face Sevilla tomorrow at 22:00 Cairo and Mecca time in the eighth round of the Spanish Premier League.

    Xavi: Mistakes in the match against Real Mallorca were defensive

    Xavi - Barcelona

    Javi Hernandez added that the mistakes made by the players of the Catalan club in the match with Real Mallorca were defensive, and the team must maintain the same level of defense, and we did not draw with Mallorca because we had a rotation.

    He continued: “We sometimes lose duels early and we lack patience. I have spoken to the players about this and we are trying to improve in this regard.”

    He continued: “Many players are injured. We need to pay a lot of attention to the physical aspect and I think the management process is very necessary.”

    He continued: “We have to turn things around and I think the team is on the right track. We had a good game against Real Betis and Antwerp and everything was perfect, but that wasn’t the case against Real Mallorca.” .

    He concluded: “We’re working on the video. We can’t do much in two days because it’s recovery training and we’ll have to start competing again tomorrow, and that’s the purpose of the video. With all due respect to everyone, I disagree a lot.” with analyzes of people, because you work in the media, and I do analysis from the inside.

    Javi Hernandez

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