Xavi discusses the ongoing turmoil at Barcelona

    Javi Hernández, coach of Barcelona’s first football team, spoke about the team’s current crisis as a result of allegations of corruption in the Negrera case, known in the media as the “judging case”.

    The Catalan team will meet with their counterpart Athletic Bilbao in the next round of the Spanish Football Championship.

    The match between the two teams will take place tomorrow, Sunday, at 10:00 pm Cairo local time and 11:00 pm Saudi Arabia time.

    Xavi talks about the current crisis at Barcelona

    Xavi talks about the current crisis at Barcelona

    During a press conference by coach Javi Hernandez ahead of his team’s match against Athletic Bilbao in the Spanish league, he spoke about the team’s current crisis.

    He stated, “It’s not a football team issue at the moment, but rather a problem with the president who told us we should focus on football and I don’t think any of these reports will affect us.”

    Regarding the question of whether the Real Madrid report will affect the team, he replied: “I am not really worried about the reaction of Real Madrid or other clubs on this issue. I have enough files to focus on my players.”

    And he continued: “If I faced them, I would think of players like Vinicius Junior, Luka Modric, Thibaut Courtois and other stars.”

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