Xavi discusses Lionel Messi’s transfer to Barcelona

    Barcelona head coach Javi Hernandez has spoken out about his stance on signing Lionel Messi during the upcoming summer transfer window.

    And rumors have swirled about the future of the Argentine star, the Paris Saint-Germain player, regarding the extension of his contracts at Princes Park or leaving the French national team, with his contract expiring at the end of the current season. , 30 June.

    On the other hand, the floor of the Spotify Camp Nou stadium, the stronghold of the Catalan club, will witness the farewell party of the Spanish star this Wednesday evening. Sergio Busquets After his decision to leave Blaugran Castle.

    Barcelona have officially announced that Barcelona captain Sergio Busquets has decided to leave the Catalan team at the end of the current season.

    Xavi opens up about Lionel Messi's move to Barcelona
    Xavi opens up about Lionel Messi’s move to Barcelona

    Middle field contract expires barca On June 30, 2023, negotiations between the two parties ended with the Spanish player’s contracts not being renewed for a longer period, coinciding with the captain’s desire for new experience.

    Xavi spoke during the ceremony, saying: “My brother Oscar is not my assistant because he comes from a family, but because he is wonderful. He is a great coach who can be the first coach like Sergi Allegri. Everyone who works with me is wonderful and very professional.”

    And regarding Juan Laporta, president of the Catalan club, the Barca coach said: “He brings charisma, positivity and leadership. I know he suffered this season, but in the end everything turned out very well.”

    And he continued: “There are people in the environment who want to lose us, who prefer their own interests, people who are friends with former coaches or former presidents who leave us for the sake of their friendship.”

    Xavi opens up about Lionel Messi’s move to Barcelona

    And he continued: “A great season, considering that we arrived in November 2021, were ninth and found ourselves in a very difficult situation. People needed this season. We all liked this final.”

    And he concluded: “As for me, I want Messi to be in the team. The fans chanted his name in every game we play. I like this feeling, but, as I said, it depends only on him.”

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