Xavi asks Barcelona star to depart from team

    Several press reports have suggested the imminent departure of the Barcelona star for the upcoming summer transfer period at the request of Spanish coach Javi Hernandez.

    Barça are looking to sell some players to cut their payroll as the team wants to secure lucrative deals to bolster their ranks and challenge for titles.

    Barcelona promotion


    Last summer, Barcelona were reinforced by several players, including Andreas Christensen and Frank Casey, two players who came on free contracts and did not cost the club a single euro. Next summer, the sports administration intends to strengthen the team again to give Xavi a more competitive group , which does not seek only to win the league, as happened this year, but can fight for the Champions League.

    In order to achieve the necessary boost, including the return of Leo Messi, the club must receive 200 million euros, most of which should come from the sale of players and cuts in costs and wages, and here we are back to the beginning, to the names of Christensen. and Casey, as they are two footballers who will make big profits. Since they arrived for free, any amount that could be paid for them as a transfer would benefit the club.

    Christensen survival

    Barcelona star leaves team at Xavi's request

    Members of the sports administration have been talking about the two names with members of the coaching staff and Xavi has made it very clear that he wants Christensen to stay despite the fact that Barcelona already have another centre-back, who is tied up by Íñigo Martínez next season. . Casey has the green light, he is a player, he has good experience in Italy and he could also get offers from the Premier League.

    Xavi doesn’t want to lose, and Christensen won’t because he believes that with the Dane, Barcelona made a qualitative leap in defense. The former Chelsea player, when he was not injured, showed an excellent game throughout the season thanks to his good position. and good passing, he was a good addition to Ronald Araujo. In addition, he has allowed Conde to cover a weak right-back position in many matches, Xavi is clear if the goal is to have a more competitive setup, Barcelona cannot afford to lose a player like Christensen.

    Casey’s departure

    Barcelona star leaves team at Xavi's request

    It is quite another thing to be able to cope with the departure of Kessy, the Ivorian played well, but he did not manage to secure a starting place and could not even start when players like Pedri or De Jong were injured, according to Xavi. his position is well defended by the players he already has and those he aims to add such as Gundogan, so Casey is in the market to earn a good amount that can make it easier for other players to access.

    It is worth noting that Barcelona are top of the La Liga standings with 76 points, 11 points ahead of their closest rival Real Madrid.

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