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Xavi Affirms Real Madrid’s Commanding Performance in Cup Match


Barcelona will be a frequent visitor to Real Madrid in the first leg of the Copa del Rey semi-final at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium under Spanish coach Xavi.

The Spaniard, coach of FC Barcelona’s first football team, said before the match the day after tomorrow, Thursday, in the Cup.

Xavi confirms Real Madrid dominance

The Barcelona coach spoke about the superiority of the opponent before the match of the first semi-final of the Copa del Rey: “My argument is that he won the last titles, the Spanish Championship or the European Championship, and we are under construction.”

Javi Hernandez

He added: “It’s a strong Real Madrid that crushed Liverpool at home after being late, but we also have a lot of winning cards.”

Absences and defeats ahead of the Copa del Rey semi-finals

Xavi believes that without Lewandowski and Pedri, he must be stronger, as he said: “You have to be a team more than ever, you have to be very brave, have a strong character, cut losses and have the ball.”

And about the last two defeats, against Manchester and Almeria, the Spaniard confirmed: “We are in the semi-final of the cup, we are close to the title, we played in Europe, despite the defeat, we are still a good team, the team has grown and continues grow, and in the league we continue to struggle.”

And he continued: “The only thing that defeat can bring us is negative criticism. What I have to do is tell the players that we have a chance to win the league and the cup, from here I show my personality.”

The Barça coach confirmed: “I’m happy to be here where I was last year. We won the Super Cup and we can win the league and the cup. We are in a privileged position to win the title and we’re fine.”

And he concluded that he did not expect any specific result: “Draw or defeat? We always go out to win, did not sign anything, and he insisted that Real Madrid is still a candidate, regardless of the Super Cup.”


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