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    Who Will Win Today: Prediction JNB vs DAE Dream11 | Korean Championship 2021


    Prediction JNB vs DAE Dream11 | Korean Championship 2021 | Football prediction Dream11 | Dream Team | Great League | Small league | First team

    In the 2021 Korean League, we have Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors square against Daegu FC at the Jeonju World Cup Stadium. This match will take place on Saturday 7 August 2021 3:30 pm.

    Korean Premier League 2021 – Match Details

    JNB vs AED – Recent module

    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors: LLDWL
    Daegu FC: WWDDL

    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Squad

    Na Seong-Eun, Myeong Se-Jin, Jo Gue-Sung, Lee Sung-Yoon, Murilo Henrique, Hong Jeong-Ho, Lee Dong-Gook, Lee Si-Heon, Jeong Hyeok, Son Jun-Ho-II, Ku Ja -Ryong, Choi Cheol-Sun, Oh Ban-Suk, Kim Jae-Seok, Yun Ji-Hyeok, Kim Min-Hyeok-II, Lee Beom-Yeong, Lars Veldwijk, Kim Jin-Su, Jang Yun-Ho, Lee Yong , Kim Jeong-Hun, Kim Bo-Kyung, Lee Seung-Ki, Lee Ju-Yong, Lee Soo-Bin, Han Kyo-Won, Choi Bo-Kyeong, Song Beom-Keun, Takahiro Kunimoto, Choi Hee-Won, Park Won-Jae, Hong Jeong-Nam

    Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors plays 11 (expected)

    Choi Bo-Kyeong, Lee Beom-Yeong, Kim Min-Hyeok-II, Hong Jeong-Nam,, Hong Jeong-Ho, Kim Jeong-Hun, Choi Cheol-Sun, Kim Jae-Seok, Kim Jin-Su, Song Beom -Keun, Choi Hee-Won

    JNB vs DAE Dream11: Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors Fantasy Picks

    Daegu FC Squad

    Jang Seong-Won, Ahn Chang-Min, Hong Jeong, Song Jun-Ho, Lim Jae-Hyeok, Lee Hak-Yun, Oh Hu-Sung, Ryu Jae-Mun, Lee Jun-Heui, Kim Jae-Uh, Cesinha, Silva Edgar, Kim Dong-Jin, Damjanovic Dejan, Kim Seon-Min, Ye Byeong-Won, Lee Keun-Seob, Lee Chan-Woong, Hwang Tae-Hyeon, Kim Tae-Han, Lee Jin-Yong, Park Jae-Kyeong , Park Min-Seo, Jeong Seung-Won, Jo Uh-Hyeon, Jung Shin, Jeong Yeong-Ung, Jeong Tae-Uk, Shin Chang-Mu, Jeong Chi-In, Kim Uh-Seok, Hwang Soon-Min, Ko Jae-Hyeon, Ko Tae-Kyu, Lee Dong-Geon, Kim Dae-Won, Lee Jin-Hyun, Tsubasa Nishi, Ha Myeong-Rae, Yoon Jong-Tae, Choi Yeong-Eun, Jo Jin-Woo

    Daegu FC in 11 (expected)

    Cesinha, Kim Seon-Min, Jeong Tae-Uk, Silva Edgar, Kim Dae-Won, Hwang Tae-Hyeon, Choi Yeong-Eun, Hong Jeong-Un, Hwang Soon-Min, Jeong Seung-Won, Kim Uh-Seok

    JNB vs DAE Dream11: Daegu FC’s fantasy choices

    Football prediction JNB vs DAE Dream11

    Prediction JNB vs DAE Dream11
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