What will be the financial impact of Vinicius Junior’s injury on Real Madrid’s earnings?

    Find out how much Real Madrid will reap due to the injury of two of the team’s stars, be it Frenchman Eduardo Camavinga or Brazilian Vinicius Junior.

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    In less than 24 hours, the Royal Club received two pieces of bad news: Eduardo Camavinga suffered a torn external collateral ligament in his right knee, keeping him out for a period of eight to ten weeks.

    And Brazilian star Vinnie Junior is suffering from a biceps femoris tear affecting the distal tendon of his left leg, meaning he will be out for two-and-a-half months, or about ten weeks.

    Real Madrid receive good news despite injuries to Vinicius Junior and Camavinga

    Vinicius Junior
    Vinicius Junior

    According to the newspaper,Mundo Deportivo“The Spanish newspaper reported that in this case, FIFA will have to compensate Real Madrid for the absence of Vinicius, and it will be as of December 14, when the duration of his injury reaches 28 days, then he will begin to collect this compensation.

    From 12 December, Kamawanga’s compensation will also be included in the compensation available to FIFA under the Club Protection Program for transfers of players to their national teams.

    It is worth noting that this program includes compensation to clubs based on a fixed salary of players in the event that they are injured while participating in international matches with their country that last more than 28 days in a row.

    A sum of €20,548 is paid daily to the club owning the injured international for a maximum of 365 days, with compensation reaching a maximum of €7,500,000 per player per accident.

    So in Vinicius’ case, the minimum amount would be €863,016 if he serves the 10 weeks that the Brazilian was initially expected to miss, an amount that would exceed €1 million.

    Eduardo Camavinga
    Eduardo Camavinga

    Add to this the amount that could be recovered depending on Kama’s injury, because if it had actually taken eight weeks, and taking into account the player’s record, the compensation would have been around €575,344.

    If the Frenchman’s absence is as long as Vinicius’s ten-week absence, it would be around €863,016. FIFA will then have to compensate Merengue with at least €1,438,360 for both players, which would amount to a minimum of €1,726,032.

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