What are Barcelona’s requirements for qualifying in La Liga following their victory over Real Madrid?

    After the defeat of Real Madrid by Real Sociedad, Barcelona became the champion of the league. The Spaniard with coach Javi Hernandez is a matter of time.

    Real Madrid lost to Real Sociedad with two free goals in the 33rd round of the championship of Spain and fixed their score in second place with 68 points.

    While the Catalan club managed to defeat Osasuna with a clean goal through Jordi Alba; Raise your record to 82 points at the top of the La Liga standings and get one step closer to the title.


    At the same time, the difference between the two poles of the Spanish league, the Catalan club and the royal club, increased to 14 points, so the decision on the title in favor of Barca became a matter of time.

    What does Barcelona need to qualify for La Liga after beating Real Madrid?

    real Madrid
    real Madrid

    If the Catalan club wins against Espanyol in the next round, this means that the league will be officially decided in favor of Barca.

    The match is scheduled for Sunday, May 14, 2023, as part of the 34th round of La Liga, at ten o’clock in the evening Egyptian time and eleventh Saudi time.

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