Waleed Al-Rakraki Shares Behind-the-Scenes of His Encounter with Pearl Lamin Yamal as Morocco’s Representative

    Morocco national football coach Walid Rekraghi revealed the scenes of his conversation with young player Lamin Yamal, Barcelona’s up-and-coming talent, and a dispute recently broke out between Morocco and Spain.

    Lamin Yamal, a Moroccan by origin, performed brilliantly for Barcelona in the first rounds of the Spanish championship, which prompted Morocco and Spain to join the fight for his attraction.

    Walid Rekraghi said at a press conference today, Thursday: “Today, a whole year has passed since I decided to coach the Moroccan national team, and I followed what recently happened in the Yamal dossier on social networks. I have already met with player, and I invited him to represent the Moroccan national team.

    He added: “This is not an easy question at all, as there are many complexities associated with the pressure surrounding him and his family, especially given that he is still 16 years old.”

    And he continued: “Yamal is a wonderful and unique talent, and if he chooses the Moroccan team, I will be happy. I do not know if he will join the Spanish camp or not, but in any case I will not go into details.” a lot of details because I met the player and his father and realized how much pressure he is under.”

    The Moroccan coach concluded: “Yamal and Ibrahim Diaz (Real Madrid player) will be great additions to the Moroccan national team and I would love to have them join us.”

    Notably, Regragui announced the squad for Morocco today, Thursday, in preparation for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers against Liberia and Burkina Faso in a friendly match to be played on 9 and 12 September respectively.

    The list of the Morocco national team was as follows:

    Yassin Bono, Munir al-Mohammadi, al-Mahdi Benbaid, Yousef al-Muti, Ashraf Hakimi, Nasir Mazrawi, Naif Akrad, Ghanem Sayes, Jawad al-Yamik, Younes Abdel-Hamid, Yahya Atiyatallah and Abdel-Kabir Abkar.

    Amir Richardson, Izz al-Din Onahi, Sufyan Amrabat, Bilal al-Khanus, Benjamin Bushavari, Salim Amlah, Amin Harith, Zakaria Abu Khalil, Abdel Samad al-Zalzouli, Ismail Sibari, Amin Adli, Waleed Shadira, Yousef al-Nusayri, Ayub al-Kaabi, Abdul Razzaq Hamdallah and Ibrahim Salah.

    Source: agencies

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