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Vinicius unleashes on referees following Real Madrid’s cautionary remark


This afternoon, Saturday, Real Madrid faced their counterpart Espanyol in a match that brought them together in the twenty-fifth round of the 2022-2023 Spanish Championship.

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, the stronghold of the Royal Club, witnessed the victory of the hosts at home over the visiting team with a score of three goals to one as part of a fiery meeting as part of the La Liga championship events.

real Madrid

The most famous referee of the match was a yellow card in the person of the Brazilian star Vinicius Jr.after a bad tackle with a Espanyol player who pissed off the Real Madrid striker because of the numerous warnings he received unnecessarily.

Vinicius spoke in a statement released by the Spanish newspaper Marca, saying: “Very good and very important win, we wanted to win and I’m happy to score.”

Vinicius Jr.

And about his goal against Espanyol, he continued: “It was a great game, very similar to the one I played against Liverpool. I train a lot on it, but it’s very difficult in matches when you have two or three players in front of you.” . You.”

And about the competition for the league with the leaders of Barcelona, ​​​​he said: “We must remain calm and fight to the end, because Real Madrid never gives up, we fight.”

Vinicius opened fire on the referees after a Real Madrid warning

And about the yellow card, he explained: “It’s kind of hard to always talk about it, when I make the first mistake, they point me to a yellow card, but this doesn’t happen to others, I have to stay calm, improve the game and help my friends.”

And he continued: “I want the referees to whistle on the errors that they should point out and give cards, this always happens with Real Madrid and with me, and this season it happens a lot.”

And the Brazilian stressed: “I can’t be the player who commits the most mistakes against me and I have the most cards. You have to think about the reason why the referees announce the card when the player has already committed 15 fouls on me and on the 89th minute.”

Vinicius Jr.

He concluded about Real Madrid’s upcoming match against Liverpool in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16: “The team has a good feeling for Wednesday, we must continue like that.”


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