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Vinicius lashes out at La Liga president with accusations of racism


Real Madrid player Vinicius Junior responded to statements by La Liga President Javier Tebas after the match against Valencia and the vexatious racist abuse he was subjected to.

Where the player described Spain as a country of racism, pointing out the inability of officials, whether in the La Liga League or the Spanish Football Federation, to take strict action against racists.

Javier Tebas responded with a tweet attacking him, saying “Because no one explains to you what La Liga can do in cases of racism.”

And he added: “Before you criticize La Liga, you need to properly educate yourself, not allow yourself to be manipulated and make sure that you fully understand each other’s competencies and the work that we do together.”

Vinicius Jr.

Vinicius Jr attacks Javier Tebas

To which Finney replied: “Again, instead of criticizing racistsThe president of La Liga appears on social media to attack me.

“The more you talk and pretend not to read, the more your image of heroism falters. Follow the responses to your posts and get a surprise yourself.

“The fact that you pretend that nothing happened makes you equal to the racists. I’m not your friend to talk to you about racism. I want action and punishment. The hashtag doesn’t interest me.

Vinicius Jr.

And Vinnie released an official statement immediately after the match and said: “It was not the first time, not the second and not the third, racism is normal in the Spanish league.”

And Vinicius continued: “The championship that belonged to Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi belongs to the racists today.”


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