Vinicius Junior: A Glittering Career and the Influential Figures Shaping His Success

    The beginning of Vinicius Junior in football

    Vinicius Jr introducedA good football career, many outstanding achievements with the Spanish team Real Madrid and the young player still has the opportunity to achieve more and more individual and collective results thanks to the impressive level presented by the Brazilian player.

    The Brazilian player was born on July 12, 1998 in Rio Janeiro, Brazil, and began his football career in 2006 when his father took him to one of the offices of the Flamengo club, and he played futsal there until 2009. and in 2010 he turned to football after he decided to retire from futsal because he sees himself as a big star in football, passed the Flamengo exams and became a team player.

    Vinicius Jr.

    Vinicius Junior’s career with the Flamengo first team

    Vinicius Jr.

    Vinnie was only 16 years old and became a player in the first football team of the Brazilian Flamengo club, and had great years with his team, scoring 10 goals in the first season, then returning in the second season and scoring 14 goals, so in every season the player moves towards development than in the previous one.

    Vinicius Junior scores a goal for Flamengo

    Vinicius Jr.
    Number of matches Number of goals Industry Goals
    49 10 4

    Vinicius Junior’s career at Real Madrid


    He joined Real Madrid from Flamengo after reaching the age of 18 and Real made the deal early but waited until the player was of legal age to become an official player in the Meringue ranks.

    He had a poor first season and received a lot of criticism despite his young age, during which he scored only 4 goals, after which the player continued to work at his usual level of development, as he scored 17 goals in the second. season, and in the third season, he, accompanied by Al-Maringa, scored 18 goals.

    Vinicius Junior scores a goal for Real Madrid

    Vinicius Jr.

    Number of matches Number of goals Industry Goals
    228 60 64

    Vinicius Junior scores a goal for Real Madrid Castilla

    Vinicius Jr.

    Number of matches Number of goals Industry Goals
    5 4 1

    Vinicius Jr. Championship

    Vinicius Jr.

    The Champions League title he won with Al Maringa is the most important title of his career as he played an influential role in winning the title with Real Madrid and won the best player award in the final match of the tournament. , thanks to which Al-Malik managed to defeat Liverpool in the final.

    tournament number of surnames
    club world championship 2
    La Liga 2
    Spanish King’s Cup. 1
    Spanish Super Cup. 2
    Champions League 1
    European super 1
    South American Under-15 Championship 1
    South American Under-17 Championship 1

    Vinicius Junior scores goals for Brazil

    Vinicius Junior's career - the number of his championship titles and the most important figures in his history

    choose Number of matches Number of goals
    Brazil 23 3
    Brazil U20 4 Didn’t score
    Brazil U17 19 17
    Brazil U15 6 6

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