Victory finally addresses the case of Petros!

    The first football team of the Saudi club Al-Nasr reacted for the first time to the case of its former Brazilian player Petros Araujo and the current player of the Al-Fateh team.

    Petros played for Al-Alamy from 2018 to 2021, and in January 2022 he moved to the first football team of the Al-Fateh club.

    And the Brazilian player has announced over the past few hours that he has filed a lawsuit against his former team Al-Nasr Club because he has not yet received his salary arrears.

    For the first time, Victory responds to the case of Petros!

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    For the first time, Victory responds to the case of Petros!

    Sports journalist Muhammad Al-Ghamdi stated that Al-Alami’s administration, led by Al-Muammar, confirms that Petros Araujo’s accusations are wrong, as he claims that he is in arrears.

    During statements on television, Al-Ghamdi confirmed that the Nasravi administration had paid the Brazilian’s entire salary from the first day he joined the team until his official departure.

    He added that the dispute that has arisen between the two parties is related to some rewards, in addition to the rest of the cost of the player’s contract with Al-Alami, and stressed that he agrees not to add to it.

    Al Ghamdi said that Brazilian player Petros Araujo is asking Al Alami for the difference in salary between his previous contract with the team and what he is now receiving from his current team Al Fateh, and stressed that this is the reason for the dispute.

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