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Varane challenges Barcelona ahead of Europa League match


The French defender noted United’s level of confidence and stressed that the victory over Barcelona marks an important step forward.

Rafael Varane told a press conference before the match against Barcelona: “Our growing confidence? We have grown a lot in the last month and have improved a lot, but now we need to take one more step to beat a team like Barcelona.

He added: “Indeed, we are ready for this challenge. This is a great opportunity for us and a great goal. We want to keep moving forward in this competition.”

The French defender acknowledged the absence of Barcelona: “Indeed, they came with big losses, but the Barcelona team is very big and it will be a match at the highest level. We are ready to compete.”

And he continued: “Even if Pedri or Xavi were not there, the style, philosophy and idea of ​​Barcelona would be the same, so we must play the same or better than in the first match so that we can win.”

Varane stressed: “United will be in better shape and there will be a great atmosphere, so we must be able to manage our emotions and remain calm throughout the match.”

When asked about United’s transition from one season to the next, Varane explained: “First of all it’s confidence and now we have more of it, as well as discipline and tactics. Tactically, we are very clear about what the coach wants and that is reflected in the matches.”

He concluded: “The quality of the team has improved and we have become more competitive, which has given us a winning mentality. All this makes us see these differences compared to last season.”


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