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Using Authentic Resonance Beams to Determine Players’ Age and Prevent Falsification.


The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has decided to perform an MRI of all players from the teams participating in the U-17 Africa Cup of Nations to determine the age of the players in order to prevent any interference.

And CAF announced its approval of the recommendations of the Organizing Committee of Youth Football and the CAF Medical Committee to amend article 27 of the African Cup of Nations Under 17 Regulations, which will be implemented starting with the current year edition, which will be held in Algiers from 29 April. Until next May 19th.

The most notable amendments to this article will relate to the MRI of all players of teams participating in the tournament in order to determine the age of the players, to prevent any manipulation by the teams, and also in case there is a team that includes more than 4 players over the age of majority to participate in the tournament , he will be excluded from participation.

CAF published the text of the amendment to article 27 of the tournament regulations, which read as follows:

This is article 27 of the amended law:

27.1 In the qualifying phase, an eligibility test will be mandatory for all participating teams before the start of the matches.

27.2 The eligibility test will be conducted in accordance with the CAF protocol in a medical facility equipped with an MRI machine.

27.3 For the final tournament, CAF reserves the right to conduct another eligibility test (MRI) for the players of the twelve (12) teams. The MRI exams will be paid for by the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

27.4 If after completion of the Eligibility Test (MRI) a participating team (4) or more of its players are found to be ineligible, the entire participating team will be disqualified.

27.5 If, upon completion of an Eligibility Test (MRI) of a participating team, one (1), two (2) or three (3) of its players are found to be ineligible, the player(s) will not be eligible to compete in the Competition. Although the national team will be allowed to participate, they will not be allowed to substitute ineligible players.

27.6 The following procedures should be observed:

(1) All participating teams must arrive five (5) days before the start of the competition. The host country federation is responsible for the related costs.

(2) Participating teams may take MRI tests, which must be completed at least 5 (five) days before the start of the competition. The African Football Confederation reserves the right to perform an MRI at any time before or during the competition.

(iii) Any request for a second reading for a player found ineligible must be emailed to CAF no later than 3 hours after notification of the results of the first reading.

This amendment is effective from the date of notification of this decision and will apply to the 2023 U17 Africa Cup of Nations final tournament in Algiers.

Egypt failed to qualify for the tournament after finishing last in the North African qualifying group, which was led by Morocco with 9 points, followed by Tunisia with 4 points.

Source: “Wakalat”


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