Urawa Star Discloses Strategy to Overthrow Al-Zaim and Claim Title

    Japanese star Urawa Red Diamonds has announced his team’s plans to win the Asian title and defeat their Saudi counterpart Al Hilal in the AFC Champions League final.

    Al-Zaim’s match with Urawa ended in a positive draw with a goal from each in the first leg of the final. AFC Champions Leagueat the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    The two teams are scheduled to meet next Saturday at the Saitama 2002 Stadium in Japan at 12 noon Cairo and Mecca time in the second leg of the Continental Final.

    To strip Al-Hilal of his title. Star of Urawa reveals plan to defeat Al-Zaim

    To strip Al-Hilal of his title. Star of Urawa reveals plan to defeat Al-Zaim

    Marius Huibrathen, Japanese player for Urawa Red Diamonds, announced his team’s plans to defeat the leader in Japan and win the Asian Championship title for the third time in the history of the Japanese team.

    During a press statement, Hoybraten said: “The Urawa players showed a better performance in the second half than in the first, and Al Hilal has many outstanding players, especially at attacking level.”

    The Urawa star added: “If we can’t cover well and let them attack one on one, our position will be difficult. We must join hands with each other to stop the danger of Al-Hilal.”

    Al Hilal vs Urawa
    Leader vs. Urawa

    And he continued: “And stand strong on the pitch and if we give them a little space they have weapons to score goals and with one opportunity they can score, so we will do our best and the key to the next match will be closer distances between players and helping each other.”

    And of his team’s fans, he said: “Cheering from the crowd always gives me a great experience. They were amazing for us in the first leg and they will give us a lot of energy in the second leg and I’m looking forward to the fight with the fans next Saturday.”

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