Upcoming Match Schedule for Saturday, August 12, 2023: Broadcast Channels Included

    Many football fans will not sleep tonight due to the anticipation of the new season which will officially start tomorrow 11 August 2023 and the Joule website will keep you informed of the match times throughout the season and here are the match dates for Saturday 8-12-2023 and transmission channels.

    Saturday 12 August will see a plethora of matches headlined by Real Madrid v Atlético Bilbao in the Spanish League, Arsenal v Nottingham Forest in the English Premier League and Paris Saint-Germain v Lorient in the French league.

    English Premier League Match Dates

    Premier League
    Premier League
    match Purpose carrier channel
    Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest 14:30 between perimeter 1
    Bournemouth vs West Ham 5:00 p.m. between sports
    Everton vs Fulham 5:00 p.m. sport
    Sheffield United vs Crystal Palace 5:00 p.m. sport
    Brighton vs Luton Town 5:00 p.m. sport
    Newcastle United vs Aston Villa 7:30 p.m. sport

    Spanish league match dates

    Spanish league
    La Liga
    match Purpose carrier channel
    Celta Vigo vs Osasuna 6:30 p.m. sport
    Las Palmas vs Real Mallorca 8:30 p.m. sport
    Real Madrid vs Atlético Bilbao 22:30 between sports 1

    French league match dates

    Match dates on Saturday 8-12-2023 and broadcast channels
    French league
    match Purpose carrier channel
    Olympique Marseille vs Stade Reims 18:00 sport
    Paris Saint-Germain vs Lorient 10:00 p.m. Bein perimeter 1 HD

    Saudi League Match Dates

    Match dates on Saturday 8-12-2023 and broadcast channels
    Saudi League
    match Purpose carrier channel
    Al-Thai is against your annexation 6:30 p.m. SSK SPORT
    Al-Faihaa vs Persian Gulf 9:00 p.m. SSK SPORT
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