UEFA Champions League News: Liverpool 3-2 Milan: three things we have learned


For the first time ever, Liverpool and AC Milan faced off in a Champions League match that wasn’t a final while they faced off in a fascinating clash at Anfield last night. It was a game that went back and forth between the two iconic European giants and in the end it was the Reds who managed to bring home a thrilling 3-2.

The scoring alone suggests it didn’t go through with it, but in the end it was another famous night in Europe under the lights of Merseyside – something these fans have grown accustomed to seeing over the years.

Arrogant Liverpool?

Although they may have missed a penalty early, it still looked like Liverpool were in cruise control at 1-0 with a lot of confidence in their game. They were setting the pace against a Milan seemingly rather overwhelmed by the scope of the occasion. Alas, instead of withering away, Milan waited for the right moment to strike by pouncing on a real jump in concentration in the rear of the hosts, which led the Italians to take a rather shocking 2-1 lead.

Captain Hendo

Jordan Henderson put in a measured and mature performance against Milan this week and did so in the midst of great adversity given how much AC Milan was throwing at him at the end of the first half and at the beginning of the second. In reality, however, before what he did in the middle of the park, the real protagonist was the fantastic shot he scored that sealed the victory for the home team. The timing, balance and focus needed to score such a goal prove that everything we’ve said about Hendo for so long is, in fact, true.

Enthusiasm in group B.

Liverpool, Milan, Atletico Madrid, Porto. We all knew this was likely to be the death group and after just a series of meetings it’s already turning out to be like that. Jurgen Klopp’s men have somehow managed to “escape” one by winning this one, but they have five more absolute slogs ahead of them – and only two of the remaining five will take place at Anfield. They are still more than capable of winning away from home, but this should serve as a wake-up call for those who think they will succeed.


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