UEFA Champions League News: Galatasaray (2) 1-2 (7) PSV: three things we have learned


The UEFA Champions League qualifying round is a constant source of stress for many fans across the continent, most of whom don’t know if their team is coming or going. The competitive nature of the attempt to reach the group stage intensifies with each passing year, and in this particular draw, PSV Eindhoven and Galatasaray both had high expectations for what they would achieve.

PSV was the one that led to a clear 5-1 lead to kick off the first leg, and then on the penultimate night, the Dutch side once again overcame Turkish pressure to win once again by booking their own place in the next round in the process.

PSV professionalism

Even when it was down to ten men, Eindhoven still tried to seek goals and chased victory on the night, which says something given the fact that they were 5-1 ahead from the first leg. They already knew they were virtually guaranteed a place in the next round, but they went there to make a statement. Between some of their rising prospects and veteran stars, we think there’s a real chance they can give Ajax a run for their money both at home and in Europe.

Are the Turks reorganizing?

It hasn’t been long since Turkey was seen as a true force of nature in world football and especially in Europe, but between the disappointment of the Euro and Galatasaray / Fenerbahce wavering in European competition, it’s hard to pretend there isn’t. some form of decline going on here. They need to get back into the equation, but it will take a few transfer windows to do so, which could leave them in some sort of flow.

Midtjylland awaits

The next round should be considered favorable for PSV Eindhoven as they prepare to face the Danes of Midtjylland. While Midtjylland have shown they are more than capable of making a difference in Europe over the past few years, something tells us they will falter against the weight of a team like PSV. The Dutch giants seem to have a much more offensive presence and also have the experience to back it up, which will always be a lethal combination.


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