Tunisian Player’s Body Burned to Death: Tragic Demise

    On Thursday evening, Tunisian football player Nizar Al-Issawi died after setting himself on fire in front of a police station in the city of Hafouz, Kairouan Governorate, in the center of the country.

    And local media, including Radio Mosaique, reported that al-Issawi, 35, died in hospital from third-degree burns after dousing his body in gasoline and then setting it on fire last Monday.

    Death of Tunisian player after burning his body

    And on his official Facebook page, he posted a video in which he documented the suicide attempt, stressing that the reason for setting his body on fire was that he had been falsely accused of a terrorist case after an argument between him and a banana seller.

    In the video, he said that his reasons for doing so were that he was “experienced with injustice after he filed a complaint with the security authorities following an argument between him and a banana seller.”

    Al-Issawi added: “I wanted to draw the attention of the police to the fact that one of the sellers broke the law by selling bananas at a price higher than the state price, so my punishment was that they accused me of terrorism and involved me in a case in which I had nothing to do.”

    The incident caused congestion and tension among the residents of the city of Hafouz, as a large number of citizens gathered in front of the center after Al-Issawi’s suicide attempt.

    Source: “Wakalat”

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