Treating Yamal like Messi is essential, regardless of Ramos’ potential cruelty

    Spanish coach Xavi Hernandez, head coach of Barcelona, ​​said that his young player Lamin Yamal is outstanding and talented and needs to be protected by reducing physical activity, according to criteria such as the nature of the opponent and the atmosphere of the game. correspond.

    During a press conference ahead of the match against Sevilla, Xavi spoke about young player Lamin Yamal, saying: “He is a young player, he is 16 years old and this is a criterion that cannot be ignored. The idea of ​​football is not just about holding the ball and dribbling. Rather, we must protect it by reducing the load.” “He is physically in good shape, based on the nature of the opponent and the atmosphere of the match, but he is an outstanding and talented player.”

    He added: “Frank Rijkaard’s relationship with Leo Messi when he came into the first team is a good example, so we have to be careful with Lamin Yamal in terms of his participation in matches and physical activity, but he is a useful player and he can help us a lot.” will help”.

    He continued: “It is important to deal with an experienced player and protect him, as happened with Messi and Ousmane Dembele. I am not afraid for Yamin Yamal when he faces Jesus Navas and Sergio Ramos. Physical cruelty does not worry me.”

    Xavi continued: “Rotating the starting XI is important for many reasons, such as protecting players from injury caused by the pressure of matches, but also to ensure that each player feels his role and importance in the team.”

    Regarding the match against Sevilla tomorrow, Friday, Xavi said: “We are looking to get back the wins and good performances and climb to the top of La Liga, awaiting the results of the rest of the matches on Saturday, but we will face a tough competition in our tournament. home stadium, as they are a strong and united team, champions of the Europa League, led by an outstanding technical director.”

    The Barcelona coach said: “In the last game against Mallorca we lacked calm, focus and good positioning. We lost the ball easily and weren’t aggressive in pressing to get it back, but that’s possible as the situation won’t always persist. “Ideal, and the team’s current situation is not bad. We were strong defensively last season. We have to get that edge back to compete for titles.”

    Xavi noted: “I respect criticism, but I don’t agree with a lot of it. I analyze things based on the internal affairs of the team and will not waste time on external issues.”

    Xavi Hernandez (43) concluded his remarks with great praise, saying: “Thanks to the Girona team to everyone. Topping the table is not a surprise, but rather the result of the outstanding work of its coach Mitchell and the sports project.” it started many years ago.”

    Defending champions Barcelona are third in the La Liga standings with 17 points, one point behind traditional rivals Real Madrid in second place.

    At the same time, Girona tops the list with 19 points, and Sevilla ranks twelfth in the ranking.

    Source: Agencies

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