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Tottenham boss accuses Richarlison of being self-centred


Tottenham manager Antonio Conte called striker Richarlison “selfish” after the Brazilian international complained about the lack of playing time.

Richarlison only started seven of 26 Premier League games in his first year at the London club and has yet to score a goal in the competition.

Richarlison has scored just two goals for Tottenham in the Champions League, from which the English club were eliminated last Wednesday by AC Milan.

Richarlison subsequently gave an interview in which he used the swear word to describe his season and criticized Conte’s selection policy. According to him, “I did not have enough minutes.”

Conte reacted to his player’s remarks at a press conference for Tottenham’s match against Nottingham Forest, scheduled for later Saturday in the 27th round of the English Premier League, while the Italian coach said the Brazilian striker is correctly assessing his season so how “not good”.

“I think this guy was very honest in saying that he didn’t have a very good season,” he added.

“Our season is not over yet. He has time to recover. If he is worthy to play, I will give him a chance. If not, we will give another player a chance.”

Conte also stated that he had seen Richarlison’s press interview and was shocked at how many times the Brazilian striker talked about himself and not about the team.

He continued: “When you talk to me, me and me, and not to us, it means that you are thinking only of yourself and that you are selfish.”

Conte also criticized the mentality of his team’s players, saying, “You have to show the right willingness to sacrifice yourself, to fight to win a match, to win duels, to be violent … sometimes we are a little soft. “

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