Toni Kroos makes final decision on his new position at Real Madrid following departure from Bezet

    Several press reports have revealed the position of Real Madrid midfielder Germany international Toni Kroos on his stance on renewing his contract with Merengue with the start of Real Madrid’s transfer season during the summer Mercato.

    Many press sources have indicated that Real Madrid’s transfer season will be hot as Real Madrid try to sign a few names and renew the contracts of some of the team’s stars.

    Toni Kroos stays

    Real Madrid transfers. Toni Kroos has decided on his final position after leaving Bezet

    The brand has confirmed Toni Kroos will stay at Real Madrid next season, Toni Kroos will stay at Real Madrid for one more season. was the will and desire of the Madrid leaders, but the midfielder did not want it.

    Kroos wanted to be sure of what he could offer in the 12 months he had ahead of him from June 30th. A year ago, the club offered him a contract extension until 2024, but Kroos turned down the offer due to doubts he had about how his body and mind would react, which is clear given what he shows after matches.

    Now doubts have been dispelled and the midfielder has informed Madrid’s leaders that he still has the opportunity to continue enjoying what he has been doing since the day he signed the contract, that is, playing for Real Madrid, this year-old waiver was never used. for nothing. , was either a continuation in Madrid or retirement.

    It was a matter of feelings and feelings, which he seems to have a lot of at Real Madrid. Kroos understood from the first day what Madrid was and what the club was.

    Ancelotti understands this clearly and considers him an outstanding player, able to compete in an increasingly physical football thanks to his talent and intelligence in the service of the team, which he did during the nine seasons he was in the Real Madrid shirt. Kroos has won 19 trophies with every possible title except the King’s Cup.

    Transfers Real Madrid

    Transfers Real Madrid
    Transfers Real Madrid

    Relevo explained | Real Madrid don’t want to spend a lot of money this summer.

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