Three have been arrested for alleged homophobic chanting at a Liverpool-Chelsea match.

    Merseyside Police have confirmed that three men were arrested for alleged homophobic chants during a goalless draw between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield on Saturday.

    Men aged 23, 37 and 49 were detained on suspicion of “deliberate homophobic harassment, anxiety and harassment.”

    The 37-year-old man was released on bail pending further investigation, and two other suspects will take part in voluntary questioning.

    Merseyside Police also said in a statement Tuesday that 16 people had been ejected from Anfield for various offenses during a Premier League match.

    Earlier this month, the Football Association announced that it could now charge clubs if their fans use homophobic chants against Chelsea players and fans.

    Last year, the Crown Prosecution Service defined the singing as a hate crime, a decision Chelsea welcomed at the time.

    The FA has been investigating a number of similar chants in recent weeks from Nottingham Forest, Manchester United and Manchester City fans.

    Merseyside Police Superintendent Paul Sutcliffe said: “We will not tolerate hate crime in any form. We will hold accountable anyone found guilty of committing any offensive chants.

    “In this case, if the three suspects are charged and found guilty of a crime, we will seek a football ban against them.”

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