Three Challenging Scenarios for Liverpool to Secure a Spot in the Champions League

    Fifth Liverpool continued to put pressure on Newcastle 3 and Manchester United in fourth, beating the injured Leicester City 3-0 yesterday, Monday, at the end of the 36th round of the English Premier League.

    Liverpool have increased their lead to 65 points, one point behind Newcastle III and Manchester United IV, but the latter two have two rescheduled matches.

    It’s Liverpool’s seventh win in a row, so he’s breaking down the Champions League door hoping to run into third and fourth place winners as he has two games left, the first at home against Aston Villa next Saturday, then he ends his season with a visit to Southampton , dropped out in the “Championship” league at the current 28th.

    In this monitoring we are looking at all the scenarios available to Liverpool to secure a Champions League qualifying position (third or fourth place, given first and second places are determined by leaders Manchester City with 85 points and runners-up Arsenal) . with 81 points):

    Rating of teams claiming the third and fourth places:

    3- Newcastle (66 points in 35 games)

    4- Manchester United (66 points in 35 games)

    5- Liverpool (65 points in 36 matches)

    Remaining matches for each of them:

    Newcastle: Brighton – Leicester City – Chelsea.

    Manchester United: Bournemouth – Chelsea – Fulham.

    Liverpool: Aston Villa – Southampton.

    Scenarios for Liverpool to qualify for the Champions League:

    First scenario

    Liverpool would win the remaining two matches (which would take them to 71 points).

    Manchester United have stumbled in 2 of their 3 remaining matches. A stumble means a draw or a loss, as both will put Liverpool in fourth place (Manchester’s maximum in this case is 71 points, then Liverpool will decide fourth place by a percentage advantage).

    Second scenario

    Liverpool win their remaining two matches.

    Losing to Newcastle in one meeting, playing in another meeting or losing in two meetings, out of the remaining 3, then Liverpool will snatch fourth place, because the maximum score that Newcastle will score in this case is 70 points against 71 for the Reds. “.

    Third scenario

    This scenario will be very difficult and almost impossible as Liverpool have to win the remaining two wide stakes matches and Newcastle will play two matches and win one.

    In this case, Liverpool will equal Newcastle on points, 71 points each, and will be judged by the percentage of total goals.

    At the moment, Newcastle is ahead of Liverpool in this indicator, as the former scores 32+ goals, against 28+ goals for the latter.

    Source: RT

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