‘This is brutal’ – Christopher Jullien’s tweet has many Celtic fans talking

    Some Celtic fans have actually been talking about the most recent Twitter post that centre-back Christopher Jullien sent just recently.

    The French defender posted a picture of himself on Twitter, stating that it has been 23 days given that football was last played.

    On seeing this, many Celtic fans were left complaining the present suspension of football, with some informing Jullien just how much they are missing him. They likewise confessed to missing out on football and desire it back as soon as possible.

    Feels like 23 years.

    — MikeyD (@mikeybhoy01) March 31, 2020

    This is harsh big man?

    — Shaun McDermott (@Shaunmcd21) March 31, 2020

    How would you rate Jullien’s first season at Celtic?

    Pretty average


    He’s been bad


    He’s amazed me


    Feels longer than 23 days?

    — Claire Walker Music (@ClaireW93) March 31, 2020

    23 days … Or is that years?

    Know which 1 it feels like

    — D. Hollywoodthebhoys (@DHollywoodtheb1) March 31, 2020

    Missing you big person???

    — Alison McGinley (@alighirl77) March 31, 2020

    I’m so missing my bhoys and paradise cant wait to be back in the arena as long as we are all safe that’s what matters recently simply wait till our first game back it will be a big celebration when were all there together hh

    — kate dunbar (@katedunbar61) March 31, 2020

    Jullien joined Celtic from Ligue 1 side Toulouse this pastsummer The Frenchman got here for what was the second-highest charge in Celtic history– ₤ 7 million.

    Considering that getting here, Jullien has end up being a routine at centre-back and has made 46 appearances in all competitions up until now, scoring 7goals In the Premiership, Jullien has scored 4 times and likewise has 2 assists to his name.

    What do we think?

    The response of Celtic fans shows that regardless of him having actually just gotten here in the summer, Jullien has struck up a very great connection with the fans of his newclub Him scoring 7 goals in the season might have contributed, while his goal against Rangers in the League Cup final showed to be the winner for Celtic.

    All this shows why Celtic fans may be missing out on Jullien. One can just hope that football is back as soon as possible.

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