Thief’s Confession Unveils Intricate Account of Mohamed Salah’s Villa Theft

    An investigation into the theft of the villa of Egyptian star Mohamed Salah, winger of Liverpool Football Club, in which 3 people are accused, in the First Settlement Agreement has revealed disturbing details of the incident.

    The competent prosecution sent the defendants to court after they confessed to the crime, and one of them had previously worked as a security guard at the scene of an accident a year and a half ago, and he did his act in connection with going through financial difficulties and his knowledge of what was in the house no one was there and his agreement with one of the accused of stealing so that they entered the house and were able to open one of his windows and steal some of his personal property and they ran away and they left some of this stolen to the third accused to hide it .

    Confessions from the first defendants in the theft of Mohamed Salah’s villa came, according to Cairo 24, which published the text of the investigation and confessions of the defendants in the misdemeanors case No. 4262 of 2023 of the first settlement agreement, which read: two years, and a year and a half I walked, and I was in charge.” and my mom because of problems and after that my mom went and sat in a rented place and I paid the rent and helped her with expenses and I worked for a company and left her a month ago and I thought I was stealing Mohamed’s villa Salah and I knew that he would come to the villa when there were matches for the national team.

    And the first defendant in the international player theft case added: “I knew the back door was broken and locked with an iron spit, so I talked to Adel Sahbi and told him about the idea. And I said to him: We can meet tomorrow morning and we really met again in the morning at 11. We went with him to Misr street in Ismailia to sell my phone because we had no money for transportation.In the evening we had lunch and sat down for coffee for a while and after that we drove from Al Salamah in Madinati and arrived around 19:00 to exit 1 of Madinati. Behind the villa to see that there is no security crossing.

    The first defendant pointed out: “After we were convinced that there was no contagious person, I went first to the back door of the villa to see him, and found him reconciled, so the second defendant in the case came up behind me and said that Illuminated from within, I hid in the trees that are in El Geneina, and a minute later Adele jumped back to face me behind my back, and we hid.

    After committing the theft of the villa, the accused said: “I went to Adel’s house and stayed with him until the morning, and after that I left the stolen things with him, and I took 3 boots and went to my house so that Abu Adel does not suspect that he stole and Adele took the rest of the things and I don’t know what he did with them because I didn’t have a phone with me to contact him, and yesterday around 3 o’clock “In the morning, I found that the government came to my house, took me and told me where the thing you stole from Mohamed Salah. At home he ordered them to set up a medal. Fadel had five receivers and a crystal. He told them: “I am carrying a bag with Muhammad Abu Azza, the owner of Adel.” So they took them and went to Muhammad and Adil They took them and went to Muhammad Malkosh in a bag except for two receivers and a crystal When they asked him about the three receivers Adel told them I sold them to one so Adel took them there .Three receivers, Adele sold them to him for £300 and after that they took us to the first assembly area and that’s what happened.

    It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Internal Affairs revealed the details of the theft of the details of the detention by the Cairo investigation of those responsible for the theft of the football player’s villa.

    The official statement at the time did not include the player’s name, but sources said that Mohamed Salah’s villa was stolen as the stolen items were not discovered until 3 days after the message was sent.

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that on Sunday, March 12, the security services received a notification from the commercial director of one of the players that he had discovered the theft of part of the contents of his villa.

    As a result of investigations and information gathering, as well as tracking routes, the security forces managed to identify those responsible for the incident, and it turned out that these were two people, one of whom had previously worked as a security guard in a residential complex. , and both of them live in the province of Ismailia.

    source: cairo24

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