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The Threat of Losing Victory for Justice Due to Al-Aqidi’s Absence


Al-Nasr goalkeeper Nawaf Al-Aqidi’s injury endangered his team’s position against fellow Al-Adal in a match to be played between the two teams in the Saudi Roshan League competition.

Nawaf al-Aqidi has been treated for spinal pain in recent hours and has been removed from the list. Saudi Arabia national team Football due to injury.

Al-Nasr vs Al-Adal Match Date in Saudi Roshan League

Saudi Arabia win date

Al-Alami is scheduled to face his colleague Al-Adala on the Tuesday corresponding to April 4 next year in a competition. Saudi Professional League Roshen.

The match will start promptly at 9:00 pm Cairo local time and 10:00 pm Saudi Arabia time.

Al-Aqidi’s absence threatens victory before justice

Al-Aqidi’s absence threatens victory before justice

The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadiyah reported that Asfar al-Riyadh had problems before the meeting with his colleague Al-Adala due to the absence of goalkeeper Al-Aqidi for the match between the two teams.

And the newspaper added that the player would need treatment and rest for 10 to 14 days, meaning he would be out for the next period with Al-Alamy until he recovered.

As such, the opportunities for coach Rudi Garcia are not that many anymore, as he is expected to bring in Argentine goalkeeper Rossi, who has been far from involved since his arrival at the Mercato last winter.

After the injury of Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, Nawaf Al-Aqidi became a key element of the team and he took part in 8 matches for Al-Alamy, 7 in the Saudi Roshen League and one match in the Guardian of the Two. Cup of holy mosques.


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