The Revealed Absence Period of Al-Ittihad Star After Injury in Al-Hilal Match

    According to press reports, the initial diagnosis of an injury received by Igor Kornado, a player of the first football team of the Al-Ittihad club, was established during a match that brought together the leader and the dean as part of the matches of the fifth round of the Saudi professional. Roshen League.

    Al-Hilal was able to achieve an impressive victory at the expense of the dean, four goals to three. Thanks to this victory, Al-Zaim reached thirteenth point and became the leader of the Saudi Roshan professional league, while Balance froze at twelfth point and finished second in the league standings .

    Details of Al-Ittihad’s injury

    The period of absence of the star of

    The Brazilian player was injured in the 57th minute and left the match as the flames flared up at an excessive rate, which led to his injury as the player covered a long distance in a very short time.

    The initial diagnosis of Igor Kornado, a player of the first football team of the Al-Ittihad club, was that there was a severe strain at the level of the tendons of the posterior muscles as a result of the high speed at which the player suddenly ran in a very short time.

    A player is expected to be out for a period not exceeding two weeks, unless the injury worsens and his absence is extended as it becomes possible for him to be absent from stadiums for up to four weeks. and in case of exacerbation, it can reach one and a half months.

    Coronado receives permission to participate in Union exercises

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