The Premier League Titles Won by Manchester City

    Manchester City’s first football team won the Premier League title after a fierce competition between them and Arsenal.

    Manchester City won a third title in a row under Pep Guardiola, losing to the Gunners with a single goal against Nottingham Forest in a match that took place today at the City Ground as part of the 37th round of the English Premier League.


    Accordingly, Man City do not need to win any upcoming meetings, and the remaining matches for them are considered a foregone conclusion.

    Nottingham Forest’s goal came unexpectedly 19 minutes into the first half after striker Taiwo Onyi was alone in goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdell’s goal.

    Accordingly, this defeat ended Arsenal’s dream of winning the fourteenth title in their history at the expense of their counterpart, Manchester City.

    In the following lines we will show you a detailed account of the titles that Man City have won:

    First Man City titles

    The beginning of the history of the shield of the English Premier League with Man City was the season (1936-1937).

    Number of Manchester City Premier League titles
    The storm hit Manchester City before the match against Arsenal in the English Premier League.

    The English Premier League Shield was absent from Manchester City (aged 31) to return home in the season (1967–1968).

    After (44) years of absence, the English Premier League shield returns to Manchester City.

    Then the shield of the English Premier League was again absent from the arms of Azure Blue for a period of (44) years, and returned again in the season (2011-2012), and in the season (2013-2014) Azure Blue won the fourth championship in its history.

    The result of the match between Manchester City and Sevilla in the Champions League
    The result of the match between Manchester City and Sevilla in the Champions League

    And the league shield returned again in the absence from the embrace of Man City, but received once in two years to return to the walls of the club again in the season (2017-2018), and the season (2018-2019) witnessed the first achievement in favor of Man City. City, which has won the title for two years in a row.

    Pep Guardiola
    Pep Guardiola

    Pep Guardiola’s new achievement with sky blue

    Since then, Pep Guardiola has had an outstanding record with Man City, winning the English Premier League title for three consecutive seasons (2020-2021), 2021-2022, (2022-2023).

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