The Magical Solution for the Blues: Frank Lampard Takes the Lead

    It has been confirmed that English manager Frank Lampard and the former team legend will return to Chelsea’s management, taking over from Graham Potter following the results of the recent slump.

    Lampard is a magic solution

    Writer Jan Herbert in the Daily Mail said:

    “Todd Boyley has appointed Frank Lampard as his human shield to protect him from the media. He spent 11 months blowing up Chelsea and stripping them of their intellectual essence and administrative intelligence…and now he’s come with Frank to protect him.”

    Frank Lampard talks about his comeback

    Frank Lampard
    Frank Lampard

    Lampard again spoke about his return to training with the team and said: “The decision to return to training with Chelsea was an easy one, this is my club and I am very happy to be back here again.”

    He added: “I will give everyone a chance and a fresh start. I’m happy with the amount of talent that exists. Mount is a great player for Chelsea. I know how to handle him and get the most out of him. We can’t stay in 11th place. I have a clear vision of what I will do during this period.

    He continued by saying: “I’m an interim manager and I’m only focused on these two months. We’re thinking about a game-changing match against Wolves. I’m proud to be coaching this club. About renewing Mount’s contract or staying on a permanent basis is out of the question. trainer.

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