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The history of the confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool … and the numerical superiority of the Spaniard


Know the history of meetings real Madrid And Liverpool, the eyes and hearts of the round witch fans around the world, are riveted on the upcoming top-level matchup between Spanish side Real Madrid and their English counterpart Liverpool in the 2023 UEFA Champions League quarter-finals.

The Reds will face the Royal Club at the cost of the Champions League final, 9 months after the final of the last edition of 2022, which also brought them together and ended with the victory of the Spanish meringue team, with a goal to zero, to be crowned as a result of the Champions League championship.

Date of Real Madrid vs Liverpool in the Champions League

The Anfield Stadium, the stronghold of the Liverpool team, will host its counterpart Real Madrid in the quarter-final match of the European Champions League, the whistle of which will sound tomorrow, Tuesday, at ten o’clock sharp in the morning. evening, Cairo time.

The history of the confrontation between Real Madrid and Liverpool … and the numerical superiority of the Spaniard

The European Champions League has previously pitted Spanish Real Madrid against English Liverpool 9 times: the Royal Club managed to win 5 matches, the Reds won 3 matches, and prepared a draw in one confrontation.

The first leg was in the 1981 Europa League Final and Liverpool managed to win with a clean-sheet goal from Alan Kennedy, which saw the Reds crowned the title with ears for the third time in their history. .

While the second confrontation between them was in 2009, in the first match of the 16th round of the Champions League, Liverpool won with an unanswered goal scored by Yossi Benayoun.

The third meeting took place in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16 in 2009 and Liverpool managed a landslide victory as the match ended in a clean four with Steven Gerrard scoring two goals and Fernando Torres and Andrea Dossena each. scored.

In the 2014 season, it was the fourth match that brought them together in the first match of the European Champions League group stage, and at that time Real Madrid won 3-0 at Anfield, scoring one goal for the royal club Cristiano Ronaldo. , and Karim Benzema two goals.

As for the fifth match; It was the second leg of the 2014 Champions League group stage, during which Real Madrid won with the only goal scored by France’s Karim Benzema.

The 2018 Champions League final was the sixth tie between the two teams and Real Madrid won 3-1. Karim Benzema and Gareth Bale each scored two goals for Merengue as the Spaniard won the title for the thirteenth time in his history.

And in 2021 they met again, this is the seventh meeting, which was in the quarter-finals of the Europa League, and the Santiago Bernabeu stadium, the stronghold of Real Madrid, witnessed the victory of the latter with three goals over the only goal for Liverpool, and the eighth match was in return match of the same round, which ended in a goalless draw.

Ninth and final meeting between the two teams; It was last year when they faced each other in the European Champions League final in the French capital, Paris, and Real Madrid managed to win with a clean sheet to win the Champions League title.


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