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The head coach of “Liverpool” called the reason for the decline in the level of Salah this season


Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that his Egyptian star Mohamed Salah is suffering this season as the team’s attacking machine, which in past seasons included the trio of Salah, Sadio Mane and Firmino, has collapsed.

Mane left for Bayern Munich last summer’s transfer period, while Firmino’s level has declined lately and he has missed several matches for Liverpool due to injury.

Salah is Liverpool’s top scorer this season with 17 goals, but has only had one shot on goal in the last six matches and hasn’t taken a shot in the last three matches.

Klopp justified Salah’s slump this season by saying: “Of course Salah is suffering. He worked within a good and consistent attacking mechanism (Salah, Firmino and Mane) and everything we did was clear.”

Klopp added in statements posted on the Liverpool Echo website: “Salah, Diaz and Darwin (two newcomers to the team who replaced Mane and Firmino) only played 343 minutes together and neither Jota (injured) nor Firmino were involved. in this match. group, and it’s not helpful.. Everyone got hurt. Because of that, it’s obvious.”

And he continued: “Playing offensively, even with all that quality, requires a lot of teamwork. It takes a lot of information, like knowing how to move and where each teammate is in front.”

And the German coach added: “The situation is not very good, but we cannot expect that we will return to our best level and that we will win 5-0 and then move on to the next match at the same level.”

Klopp continued: “We have to work hard, nobody wants to hear those words but they are necessary… and in two or three weeks we will have other options available and we can make changes.”

He concluded by saying, “If Salah scores in two legs and we keep both legs clean, we will have more points as a team.”

Liverpool are preparing tomorrow, Sunday, to face host Brighton in the fourth round of the FA Cup.

Source: Liverpool Echo


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