The Former Barcelona Star Discloses the Cause Behind His Departure from the Team

    Spaniard Eric Garcia, a former Barcelona star loaned to Girona, has revealed the reason for his departure from the Catalan club.


    It is worth noting that Barcelona has set a fiery date with their counterpart Girona, the leaders of the Spanish Premier League 2023-2024, for December 10 at exactly ten o’clock Cairo time.

    Garcia reveals the behind-the-scenes story of his departure from Barcelona

    Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia

    Garcia made statements to the press, saying: “We will try to beat the Blaugrana.”

    He continued: “Was it my decision or the club’s decision to leave Barca? The truth is that I asked for a loan before the market closed and at first the club refused, but later they thought about it. I think it was the club’s decision so they could register the players they signed, but also the decision to leave was my decision and the first one to ask for it was me because I wanted to play.”

    He added: “Garcia Girona is different from Garcia Barca, why? All players experience good and bad moments. We are evolving, we need to adapt. I think I also had good games with the Blaugrana, but it is true that I am doing better in Girona.”

    He continued: “Have you lost confidence in the Catalan club? No, there are always better and worse days, but you can’t lose self-confidence. “I am well aware of my level and always know what I can strive for.”

    Star completed Barça Previous: “In Girona, is our goal to qualify for the Champions League? I don’t know, but we have earned the right to dream. Let’s see how far we can go. The season is very long, and you have to believe that there are clubs that, although they didn’t start very well, are determined in advance to finish the season on top. There will be a war to the end.”

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