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The first reaction of the administration of the Egyptian Al-Ahli after the attack on its players in Sudan


On Monday, the Egyptian club Al-Ahly filed a complaint with the Confederation of African Football (CAF) against the Sudanese side Al-Hilal in connection with the events that accompanied their match last Saturday in Khartoum.

Al-Ahly said in his complaint that the move was taken because of the attacks and insults the team was subjected to, which are against all sports ethics and the rules that govern the game of football, before, during and after a meeting in which the two teams came together . The second round of the group stage of the African Champions League ended with a 1-0 victory for Al-Hilal.

According to Al Ahly’s official website, the club’s complaint read as follows:

During our team’s only practice at the Blue Jewel Stadium last Friday, several Al Hilal fans burst into the stadium and pelted the players with fireworks in the presence of a member of the African Confederation of Football (CAF) who inspected the kits and kits. recorded the incident in his report.

Despite KAF’s decision to play the match without spectators; Due to the lack of security conditions at the stadium and informing the Al-Ahly club about this; However, Al-Hilal did not comply with this decision and allowed more than a thousand spectators from among their fans to the meeting.

Al-Hilal failed to make a commitment to provide safe and decent means of transportation for the Al-Ahli team, and flooded the team’s players’ dressing room with sewage after the match.

– When the medical staff of the Al Hilal team came down to assist a player during the match, one of the members of the staff attacked Al Ahly defender Mohamed Abdel Moneim with one of the medical instruments and the referee of the match gave him a red card, and he was obliged to leave the stadium forever.

However, he insisted on remaining on the bench until the end of the match, began to insult our goalkeeper Mohammed El-Shennaoui and tried to attack him when he left after the end of the match.

– A member of the administrative staff of the Al-Hilal team attacked our player Ali Lotfi and another, our player Hamdi Fathi, in a scene far from sports ethics.

The Al-Hilal club did not ensure the safety of our team, and its fans, who were present at the stadium, in violation of the decision of the KAF, bypassed the head of the delegation of the Al-Ahly club and the staff of the Egyptian Embassy in Sudan, and attacked our players at the exit from stadium and in the corridor leading to the dressing rooms.

What happened at the Al Hilal Stadium last Saturday is a scenario that has been repeated several times before and Al Ahly players were in danger in the previous match which took place between the two teams in Sudan on February 1, 2020 when Al-Hilal fans stormed the stadium.

– The case repeated itself and exceeded all limits. We are waiting for your urgent intervention, the implementation of the rules and laws in order to ensure the success of the KAF competition.

Source: Al-Ahli Club website.


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