The fate of this duo is crucial for Asensio’s future at Real Madrid.

    Some reports in the Spanish press revealed the future of Marco Asensio, a Real Madrid first-team footballer, and newspapers reported that the player’s fate at the club became ambiguous after he turned down an offer for less than he currently received.

    The 27-year-old also confirmed that he welcomes holding a meeting with club officials and agreeing on a proposal that satisfies both parties to continue his career within the walls of Meringa.

    In addition to what the Spanish press reports, Marco’s future is closely tied to the fate of the duo, Eden Hazard and Ibrahim Diaz, who is on loan to Milan and the royal family is expected to turn down Asensio in the event Diaz returns from loan early next season.

      The future of Asensio at Real Madrid is connected with the fate of this duo.
    The future of Asensio at Real Madrid is connected with the fate of this duo.

    However, there is one case that allows the presence of a duo in the ranks of the team, namely the departure of Eden Azar from the royal ranks.

    Asensio performed well with Al-Maliki in the second half of the current season, managing to score 11 goals and give 6 assists.

    The Spanish winger moved to Real Madrid in 2014 from Mallorca.

    Real Madrid next match

    Real Madrid will face Girona tomorrow at 19:30 Cairo time in the Spanish league La Liga.

    The position of Real Madrid in the standings of the championship of Spain.

    Real Madrid enter this meeting in second place with 56 points.

    Girona is in eleventh place with 38 points.

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