The Egyptian Federation is taking increasingly decisive action against Mortada Mansour.

    On Sunday, the Egyptian Football Association announced that it will stop working with Mortada Mansour, president of the Zamalek club, and refer him to the Disciplinary Committee in light of the latter’s violations through his club’s channel against federation officials.

    The Egyptian Federation stated on its Twitter account: “The Board of Directors of the Egyptian Federation, headed by Gamal Allam, has taken a number of important decisions.”

    Among those decisions is to stop dealing with the president of the Zamalek club and refer all his violations against the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association to the Disciplinary Committee, while the Board reserves the right to escalate if these violations continue.

    The Egyptian Federation also decided to appeal to the High Media Council regarding the abuses by the Zamalek Club channel.

    The Egyptian Football Association’s statement included a number of other points:

    Not accepting the Disciplinary Committee’s apology and continuing its work as independent judicial and legal officers as its presence in the Egyptian Football Association establishes the principles of fairness and discipline in the Egyptian football system.

    – The Council confirms all the powers of the Disciplinary and Ethical Committee in accordance with the Regulations on Discipline and Ethics and the full support of its decisions.

    – A group of resumes of foreign experts in the field of arbitration has been presented and negotiations are underway to award a contract with the best resume, to assume the tasks of the chairman of the Egyptian Judicial Committee, provided that the duties of the chairman of the committee include the development of the Egyptian arbitration system.

    – Approval of the payment of contributions to the Portuguese Carlos Queiroz, former coach of the Egyptian first team football, after review by the administrative authorities.

    Approval of the payment of dues to the Englishman Mark Clattenburg, former head of the judiciary committee, after the approval of his resignation and consideration of it by the administrative body.

    Source: Egyptian Football Association.

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