The Crisis at Al-Hilal: An Unsettling Situation Involving Hassan Timbukti

    Saudi Arabian club Al-Hilal is in crisis due to the team’s star Hassan Timbukti, who suffered a serious injury in the Saudi Arabian national team, and the Timbukti international, a great player in Riyadh, went down.

    The Saudi star fell onto the pitch 64 minutes into the second half during the match between Al Akhdar and South Korea with a serious knee injury.


    According to press reports, it has been confirmed that the Al Zaim star suffered a partial rupture of the cruciate ligament in his knee while participating with Al Akhdar against Korea in a match that ended with the latter beating the former with an unanswered goal.

    With Timbukti’s season ended due to an anterior cruciate ligament injury, he will be out for a period of four to six months, which means the end of his season at Al Hilal.

    This represents a major blow to Al Hilal as the club has yet to benefit from his experience. Therefore, Al Azraq needs to sign a new star in the back row or wait until Hyun Soo’s position is known.

    Al-Zaim’s fans began to demand Al-Bulayha’s participation as they will rely on him in the coming period.

    Hasan Timbukti
    For this reason, Hasan Timbukti was excluded from participating with Al-Hilal before Al-Ettifaq!

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