Taliski’s stance on Al-Nasr’s role in opposing Abhi

    Media sources have revealed the position of Brazilian Anderson Taliski, striker of the Al-Nasr club’s first football team, to return to the team ahead of the meeting with Abha.

    On February 23, the Yellow Leader administration announced that Talisca had suffered a torn posterior muscle, in addition to requiring treatment and rest for a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

    And the administration allowed him to travel to his country for treatment, and also revealed that the doctor treating him in Brazil used plasma technology to expedite his return to the stadiums.

    Taliski’s position on Al-Nasr’s involvement against Abhi

    Talisca – Victory

    Journalist Ahmed Al-Jeddi has revealed the return date of the (29-year-old) Brazilian player to compete in official matches against Al-Alamy in the coming period.

    Ahmed Al Jeddi tweeted through his personal account on the microblogging site Twitter, “Brazilian Talisca is ready to return after a full recovery. The decision to participate in the match against Abhi will be the decision of the coach. ”

    Talisca will take part in team training next Sunday with an integrated medical record for the treatment and rehabilitation program he has been undergoing in Brazil over the past two weeks.

    The decision to participate with Al-Alami remains against Abhi in the quarter-finals of the tournament. King’s Cup Championshipin the hands of French coach Rudy Garcia, in a match that will bring the two teams together next Tuesday.

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