Syed Abdel Hafiz defines Al-Shennawi’s position on joining Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia

    Syed Abdel Hafiz decides Al-Shennawi’s position Syed Abdel Hafiz, football director of Al-Ahly club, decides the position of Muhammad Al-Shennawi, the team’s goalkeeper, from retiring after receiving a professional offer from Al-Nasr Saudi. Arabia and the English Premier League.

    Muhammad Al-Shennawi is considered one of the important elements in the ranks of the Red Jinn in the current period and the first goalkeeper of the team.

    It is worth noting that Al-Ahly is preparing to meet Auckland City in the Club World Cup.

    Date for Al Ahli vs Auckland City in Club World Cup

    The match is scheduled to take place between Al Ahli and Auckland City on February 1 next year as part of the Club World Cup qualifying rounds at 9:00 sharp Egyptian time.

    Syed Abdel Hafiz defines Al-Shennawi’s position on joining Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia

    Abdel Hafeez confirmed in exclusive statements to the Al Ahli website that Al Shennawi put Al Ahly’s interests first and preferred the interests of his team despite the value of the offers he received, and that’s what matters to this great goalkeeper . and Captain Al-Ahly, as he put it.

    He added that this act of Al-Shennawi was an example of dedication to his club and his appreciation for the team’s need for their efforts, as well as his perseverance in continuing the march to achieve new achievements for Al-Ahli and please his fans.

    And Abdel Hafiz continued: “The spirit in which Al-Shennawi dealt with and was not affected by financial temptations reflects his great value to Al-Ahli, officials and fans, and his response to these proposals and at this time has been and will be stay. praised by all the leaders of the club, led by captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, who praised Al-Shennawi.”

    He concluded his speech by saying: “What Al Ahly players offer in such situations requires confidence in the progress of the team, especially since they are all dealing with the logic of Al Ahly interests in the first place, with full focusing on part of the club and its officials on their rights in all directions”.

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