Surprising Negotiation with Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Al-Nasr Stunned

    Al-Nasr of Saudi Arabia, where Cristiano Ronaldo plays in its ranks, received a painful shock from a friend of the Portuguese star.


    The international club, led by Masli Al Muammar, wanted to secure the services of Siddiq Chris during the upcoming winter transfer period in January 2024.

    It is worth noting that clubs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have concluded several international deals over the past period, concluding contracts with the brightest stars of the football firmament.

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo

    This comes after Rocket Madeira moved to Riyadh Yellow from English side Manchester United following the termination of their contract by mutual consent during the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

    Don opened the door for international stars to move to the Saudi League, thanks to the Rochen clubs being able to create a stir among players during last summer’s transfers.

    Varane refused to play alongside Cristiano Ronaldo to win

    In parallel, the international club submitted an offer to Manchester United to use the services of French player Raphael Varane, a former Real Madrid star.

    Varane made an interesting statement to settle the controversy over his fate, saying: “I will end my career at either the Royal Club, Manchester United or Lens in France.”

    Raphael Varan
    Raphael Varan

    He concluded: “However, I will not move to another club.” Merengue “It seems difficult to me, especially since players usually don’t return there, so the most likely option today is to end my career in Manchester or Lens.

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