Strongly Criticizing Qatar: His Condemnation of the World Cup!

    An English study has revealed details of the length of injuries of stars who took part in last winter’s World Cup in Qatar, which ultimately gave Argentina the crown.

    A study published by the Howden Group confirmed that European football stars who participated in the tournament were more likely to suffer injuries than others.

    The study found that the same people who needed about 11 days to recover from injuries before the tournament now needed an average of 19 days.

    The study calculated the cost of injuries to European clubs in the top five leagues and found they lost around €553 million, with the figure rising by 30% to €704 million due to injury after the World Cup.

    Notably, the Qatar 2022 World Cup was the first of its kind to be held in the mid-season and winter season between Sunday 20 November and 18 December.

    Source: target

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